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All 3rd party tests are subject to random selection re-examination at the DMV | Licensed by the State of Florida, License #4869

About Corso Driving School


Corso Driving School was started by Angela Navarra, a certified school teacher with a background in general and special education with many hours of behind the wheel instruction experience having first started my school in New Jersey and now in beautiful Florida.

We are happy to offer the Official Florida learner license Class E Knowledge permit test, Practice test, TLSAE (Drug and Alcohol) test. Everything you need to get behind the wheel and your road to independence! The TLSAE is a required online prerequisite course to take the driver permit test. After that is completed take the next step and register for the Class E learner permit test with a practice to help you pass the first time!   

Parent Proctor form HSMV 71144

 In addition, we offer Basic Driver Improvement, Aggressive Driver Improvement and Wireless Communication Device courses. These courses (some required by a judge) will help you save money by avoiding fines, waiving fees and assessment of points and keep your driver’s license active. (Read each course description for more information) 

Driving a vehicle is serious business. It takes practice and personal responsibility to be safe and make the right decisions while on the road. Florida offers and sometimes requires drivers to complete a training course to re-think their driving habits and attitudes while behind the wheel. After all, driving is a privilege, not a right!

Steps To Getting Your First Time Florida Learner License

For Teens Under 18 Years Old

  1. Pass the Drug and Alcohol Test (TLSAE)
  2. Pass the Permit Test 
  3. Apply for your Learners License (minimum age 15 years old)  (Schedule an online DMV appointment)
  4. Practice your Behind The Wheel in Car Training with Parent/Supervised Driver and complete a minimum of 50 hours (10 at night-after the first 3 months) over the course of a year
  5. Take and pass your road test and get your intermediate Driver’s License! (Minimum Age 16) 

For First Time Drivers 18 And Older

  1. Pass the drug and alcohol test (TLSAE)
  2. Pass the permit test (Must schedule a DMV office location)
  3. Practice behind the wheel with a supervised driver and pass a DMV Driving Road Test
  4. Get your Drivers License

Parental consent for minors:
A parent or legal guardian must sign your license application in front of the driver license agent or a notary public. Parental Consent Form (71142). Click here to download the form.

You must be under 18 years old to take the DMV Permit Test online. If you are over 18 years old, you must go in person to the DMV office and pass the DMV Permit Test before you can obtain a Learner’s License. 

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